Annerin Productions is a division of the Canadian based company, Jeff Parry Promotions, which has been a North American promotion company for over 32 years.  Having shifted the company’s focus over 10 years ago to produce shows in the form of high quality entertainment, Annerin Productions is now becoming a world class leader in creating nostalgic theatrical concerts for audiences to experience legendary artists who are no longer touring.

Past productions include: Bjorn Again, Barrage, Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience, The Australian Bee Gees Show and RAIN – A Tribute to The Beatles which had a successful Broadway Run in 2010/2011. Current productions include Jukebox Hero, the musical, PFX– The Pink Floyd ExperienceA Night with Sinatra, The Last Waltz Remembered and Let It Be – A Celebration of the Music of The Beatles.

When attending one of our shows, audiences get more than just a high quality performance – they are invited to become immersed in an entertainment experience!


Jeff Parry

Position: CEO – Jack of All Trades and Master of None

Bio: Jeff started promoting shows in small towns throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan in 1980. Eventually he saw an opportunity to produce top of the line tribute experiences and has grown Annerin Productions over the years to being an international business having produced shows on The West End and Broadway – a long way from driving a Ford Topez to gigs in Estevan, SK. Jeff loves music as well as playing hockey, golf, hot yoga and bike riding. The best part about this business for Jeff is watching an audience react to something he’s helped created, knowing that you are taking them out of their day to day lives for 3 hours.

Jeff’s favorite song: Jeff doesn’t necessarily have a favrorite song but he always wants to listen to the Beatles though.

Scott Christensen

Position: General Manager

If someone had told Scott he would be where he is now career wise he never would have believed them. The reason being is he passed on an art scholarship right out of high school and ran off with a rock band to play drums….the journey after many nights playing bars, living out of buses and hotel rooms lead him right to Annerin’s door.

Scott has been working at Annerin Productions for just about 12 Years. He started off with Annerin on the road as a fill in drummer with one of Annerin’s productions which eventually lead him to Road Manager / Stage Manager, and Creative director with numerous productions.

Scott now holds a position as General Manager of Annerin. Annerin has given him the opportunity to be on a team that creates unique, entertaining successful productions touring world-wide.

In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family and friends reliving old memories and making new ones.

Scott’s favourite song: Scott is a true music lover liking all styles and genres of Music. Anything with a great pocket and feel.


Position: Controller

Bio: Cheryl was attracted to Annerin Productions because it’s a small family run company. She is Annerin’s newest team member and says she’s learning a lot!

Cheryl is the mom to two human sons and two cats, it’s always a bit of toss up as to which set she loves more! When I am not at work I spend most of my time with my family, and I love to garden. Cheryl thinks the best part of her job is being part of a close knit diverse group of people.

Cheryl’s favorite song: Rolling In The Deep by Adele


Bradley Ford

Position: Production Coordinator

Bradley is right at home at Annerin. As a long time avid fan of music, concerts and stage show productions, he is truly excited to be part of this fast-paced and exciting industry. Bradley grew up watching many bands perform on stage; having attended well over 70 concerts in his lifetime. His fascination with all the behind-the-scene workings that are involved when bringing an act to the stage, combined with his constant drive to learn new things, make him a great part of the Annerin team. Bradley’s background has been diverse to put it simply; having worked in the communications, new home sales, construction, entertainment, and vehicle maintenance industries… he has quickly embraced his new role, and found himself entranced by the unique and wild business of music and theatre!

Bradley’s Favorite Song: This is a weird one, but somehow has always been his favorite for no particular reason: The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead by the Crash Test Dummies