About us

About Us

In 1978 Jeff Parry started his entertainment company which operated a parasailing and waterski operation in Windermere BC as well as promoting his first show.  Two years later the company became Jeff Parry Promotions which became a booking agency and at the same time promoted the odd show in Calgary and Banff.

Since that time the company has been involved in over 25,000 shows throughout the world including every state in the United States, every province in Canada, Moscow, Tokyo, throughout the UK, Scandinavia, South Africa, New Zealand as well as multiple times on Broadway and the West End of London. 

In the late 1990’s the company began to produce its own shows mainly of the tribute types such as Bjorn Again, The Pink Floyd Experience, Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience and Rain a Tribute to the Beatles, the latter of which started in a parking lot of radio station in Calgary and in six years played Broadway. 

Rain eventually became “Let it Be” which in now the number one ‘Beatles show in the UK, Germany and Japan while maintaining its presence in North America.

In 2010 Annerin Theatricals was launched with a focus to produce book musicals, the first of which Juke Box Hero with Foreigner which originated in Alberta in 2018, followed with Queen’s WE WILL ROCK YOU, again originating in Calgary and completed a seven month tour of North America which included six shows at Madison Square Gardens. 

Annerin Theatricals continues to produce Juke Box Hero, We Will Rock You and Let it Be with intentions to create musicals annually with an intention to tour the world. Jeff Parry Promotions promotes Annerins’ shows in Canada making the company unique in acting as both promoter and producer.