Jeff Parry Promotions

Jeff Parry Promotions was started on wing and prayer by Jeff Parry in 1981. In the winter of 1978 Jeff left his hometown of Ottawa, ON to work on the oil rigs in Alberta. His goal was to earn $5000.00 what he thought would be enough money to start his own record store back in Ottawa. After three long and icy months on the rigs he decided to head to Banff to cut loose for a while, and that was almost 40 years ago and he still hasn’t opened that record store!

Looking for a way to stay in Banff but tired of tending bar Jeff combined the skills he had made by organizing high school dances, and his savings from the oil rigs to put on a Murray McLaughlan concert at the Banff Centre. The show was a complete flop and Jeff lost a huge amount of his savings, and thought he’d never return to promoting. He briefly tried his hand at being a booking agent, Jeff basically just walked around bars in Calgary with a ghetto blaster and tapes of the bands he was representing. Booking bands brought Jeff out to Canadian Music Week in Toronto, where he broke into the up and coming maritime music scene and brought then – emerging artists Rita McNeil and The Rankin Family for performances out west. And that is where the wild ride for Jeff Parry Promotions began.

Over decades of being in the music business Jeff Parry Promotions has promoted shows for a wide range of the world most legendary acts: Harry Chapin, Tina Turner, Great Big Sea, Burton Cummings, Peter Noon, Edgar Winter, The Crash Test Dummys, Howie Mendel, Jay Leno, Moist, Bjorn Again, Snoop Dog, Gordon Lightfoot, The Barenaked Ladies, George Fox, Engelbert Humperdinck, Mamma Mia, David Copperfield, Michal Flatley’s Lord of The Dance, Hairspray, Cats and hundreds of other acts.

Jeff Parry Promotions continues to promote music and theatrical acts across North America.

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